Elkin Baptist Association
Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Toy Store

2020 "Drive Thru" Toy Store

We are living in very scary & uncertain times in our country.  The Elkin Baptist Association will still be having a toy store this year to help families, but it will be completely different from the way we have done it in the past!  Because of the Covid 19 pandemic virus, we will NOT be allowing any clients in the building.  Instead, it will be a “drive through” toy store.  They will be asked to pull up either to the front of the building or the back, stay in their vehicle, & a toy store volunteer will hand them a bag with toys in it.  All workers will be required to wear a mask & gloves to protect themselves & the clients.  The client will at no time leave their car.  We will not be having counselors witnessing to the clients inside the building.  We plan on putting a tract & possibly a Bible in their bag instead.  We are not sure yet how to do payment for toys.  The team is going to meet on October 8 to discuss how this will be conducted.  Please inform your church NOT to bring toys to the association office this year!  Instead, we will be needing money so our shoppers can buy only what will fit into a plastic bag.

 This year’s toy store will be done on December 11 & 12 from 9-5:00.  If we need to add days, we will do so.  The client will call in for a block of time they can drive through to receive their bag of toys instead of a certain time to come shop, since they will not be coming in to shop.  Enclosed is a ‘Toy Suggestions’ form that has been mailed to schools for the parent/guardian to complete & return to the office.  If you’ll notice, we have cut down on what they can purchase.  We are only going to be providing toys that will fit into a large plastic bag to hand to them.  We will not accept any more referrals after the 13th!  We are going to help with birth through high school age children.  We then will mail letters to needy families informing them of the change for this year in how they can receive toys & schedule a block of time for them to pick up their bag of toys. The block times will be in 2 hour increments.  For example, we will ask them, “can you come between 9-11:00, 11-1:00, 1-3:00, etc.

 You may mail, e-mail, or fax in your referrals.  We must receive the referrals by November 13.  Again, we will not accept any referrals after the 13th.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the association office.


  • Suggestion list for toys.  Please note what we are NOT going to be purchasing for this year’s toy store, which is listed at the bottom of the form.
  • Volunteers sign up sheet.  Even though clients will NOT be allowed in the building, we still need volunteers to help stand outside & hand each client their bag of toys.  The clients will be told to drive through between 2 hour increments.  We need the names, phone number, & block of time the volunteers want to work.  Please inform anyone wishing to help they will have to stand outside; they will also have to wear a mask & gloves.  We need these back in the association office by November 13.  You can fax, mail or email them to the association office.   

 Again, we appreciate your desire to help with this ministry.  If you have questions, please call the association office at 835-8433.